With a variety of colors and flavors to choose from, apples remain the second most-popular commodity in the produce department. More than eight in 10 consumers selected the crunchy fruit in the past year, making it the No. 2 fruit in Fresh Trends 2013. The likelihood of an apple purchase slipped two percentage points from last year.


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Washington apple industry accepts no self-limitations


You haven’t heard of Bill Snyder’s 16 goals? In fact, you haven’t even heard of Bill Snyder?

Sage Fruit, Spider-Man join forces


Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man began appearing nationwide in July on Sage Fruit Co. cherry pouch bags, as well as on retail display bins.

Crunch Pak to show sliced apples at PMA Foodservice


Crunch Pak plans to feature multiple cuts and package sizes of sliced apples at the Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference and Expo in Monterey, Calif.

Fruit growers hit by 2012 freezes eligible for aid


The U.S. Department of Agriculture will provide disaster relief for fruit growers hit hard by freezes in 2012.

Apple association updates website


The New York Apple Association has launched a newly-updated website with a friendly new look and more pictures and videos.

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Market Scope - Apples — F.o.b.s as of July 21


YAKIMA VALLEY AND WENATCHEE DISTRICT, WASH. — 2013 crop shipments (520-613-566, includes exports 148-234-195) — Movement expected about the same. Trading fairly active. Prices generally unchanged. Washington extra fancy carton tray pack red delicious 72-88s mostly $18, 100-125s $18-20; golden delicious 72s $22-24, 80-100s $20-22, 113-125s $18-20; fuji 64-88s $34-36, 100s $26-28, 113s $24-26; granny smith 72-88s $24-26, 100s $22-24, 113s $20-22, 125s $18-20; gala 72-80s $30, 88s $28-30, 100s $24-26, 113s $22-24, 125s $20-22; Washington extra fancy carton tray pack fine appearance red delicious 72-88s mostly $20-22, 100-125s $20-22; golden delicious 72-88s $24-26, 100s $22-24; fuji 64-88s mostly $38, 100s $30-32, 113s $28-30; granny smith 72-88s $30-34, 100s mostly $26, 113s $24-26, 125s mostly $22; fuji supplies are in fewer hands.

YAKIMA VALLEY AND WENATCHEE DISTRICT, WASH. — 2014 crop shipments (0-0-0) — Movement was expected to begin the week of July 21 or the week of July 28 with early varieties. A few gala may be available by early August with more volume expected by mid-August. FIRST REPORT for 2014 apples.

CHILE — Imports (217-213-208) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to decrease. Port of entry: Philadelphia. Trading moderate. Prices unchanged. Cartons of 12 3-pound film bags fuji $24-26; granny smith $18-20; royal gala $22-24. 18-kilogram cartons tray pack fuji 70-90s $36-38, 100s $28-30; granny smith 70-90s $28-30, 100s $24-26; royal gala 70-80s $34-36, 90s $32-34, 100s $30-32, 110s $28-30; braeburn 70-90s $30-32, 100s $26-28; Pink Lady/cripps pink 70-80s $34-36, 90s $32-34, 100s $28-30. Quality good.

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, CALIF. — Shipments (0-0-1) — Movement expected to increase seasonally. Trading active. Cartons U.S. extra fancy of 12 3-pound film bags 2½-inch minimum gala mostly $28-31. Cartons U.S. extra fancy tray pack gala 72s mostly $42-47, 80-88s mostly $42-45, 100s mostly $38-41, 113s mostly $36-41, 125s mostly $26-29, 138s $22-27.


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