The likelihood of an avocado purchase fell four percentage points from last year, but there’s still plenty of interest in this green fruit. Avocados were the No. 2 “new” produce item that consumers said they bought this year that they did not buy previously.


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UPDATED: Houston firm recalls whole avocados


(UPDATED COVERAGE, 1:25 p.m.) Positive test results for salmonella contamination spurred Latin Specialties Inc., Houston, to recall 80 cases of whole avocados it received from Unity Groves Corp. in Florida.

Global hunger for Mexican avocados grows


The U.S. may be the primary objective for avocados exported out of Mexico, but there are plenty of other takers for Mexican product.

Organics continue to build momentum out of Mexico


Marketers of Mexican avocados note that sales of their products continue to rise. Organics, they say, are keeping up.

Mexican marketing efforts heat up in winter months


Mexico’s avocado marketing season accelerates as the winter peak production period approaches.

Mexico working on large avocado crop


With late summer and early fall production from other countries now done, Mexico’s avocado production is in full stride as it works to provide nearly all U.S. supplies in late autumn.

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Market Scope - Avocados — F.o.b.s as of Nov. 17


MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS DISTRICT — Crossings (322-310-280) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading moderate. Prices 60s, 70s and 84s higher, others generally unchanged. Cartons two-layer hass 32s $30.25-31.25, 36s $30.25-31.25, 40s mostly $30.25, 48s $28.25- $29.25, 60s mostly $22.25-24.25, 70s mostly $18.25, 84s $15.25-16.25. Extra services included.

SOUTH FLORIDA — Shipments (16-10-17) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading fairly slow. Prices generally unchanged. Cartons one-layer flats of 8-12s mostly $8. Predominate variety monroe, few hall. Quality good.

CHILE — Imports (7-11-4) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to remain about the same. Many importers reporting product is shipbound in West Coast harbors due to labor dispute. Some product has been in route over a month. Some expecting product to be unsalable upon arrival. Port of entry: Los Angeles. Supplies insufficient to establish a market.


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