The likelihood of an avocado purchase fell four percentage points from last year, but there’s still plenty of interest in this green fruit. Avocados were the No. 2 “new” produce item that consumers said they bought this year that they did not buy previously.


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Limoneira profit up 42% as direct sales approach pays off


Limoneira Co. posted a 42% increase in profit for fiscal 2014 compared to 2013 and is projecting even higher profits for 2015 based on anticipated sales of between 3.2 million and 3.4 million cartons of fresh lemons.

‘Fanwich’ to pitch Mexico avocados post-Super Bowl


To help promote avocado consumption after the Super Bowl, Avocados from Mexico plans to launch its sandwich-based Fanwich campaign Feb. 2 with contests for consumers and retailers.

Avocado study finds improved cholesterol ratios


A moderate-fat diet with one fresh avocado daily showed more improvement in some blood lipid markers than a similar or low-fat diet without avocado, a Pennsylvania State University study finds.

Record avocado volumes expected for Super Bowl


Record volumes of avocados are expected to move for Super Bowl 2015.

Snow, frost besiege California crops


A week of frosty weather that rolled through California and Arizona around New Year’s brought snowfall to avocado groves, higher lettuce and broccoli prices and a narrow escape for citrus.

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Market Scope - Avocados — F.o.b.s as of Jan. 12


MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS DISTRICT — Crossings (221-181-346) — Movement expected to increase. Trading fairly active. Prices 60s and 84s lower, others higher. Cartons two-layer hass 32s mostly $33.25, 36s mostly $33.25, 40s mostly $33.25, 48s $32.25-33.25, 60s $30.25-31.25, 70s $24.25-25.25, 84s mostly $16.25-17.25. Extra services included. Crossings expected to increase in anticipation of Super Bowl pull.

CHILE — Imports (7-4-7) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to remain about the same. Shipment volume continues to be directed to other countries. Port of entry: Los Angeles. Supplies insufficient to establish a market.


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