The likelihood of an avocado purchase fell four percentage points from last year, but there’s still plenty of interest in this green fruit. Avocados were the No. 2 “new” produce item that consumers said they bought this year that they did not buy previously.


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Organics continue to rise in avocado market


Organic avocados are generating interest among consumers and bringing higher returns for growers, marketers say.

Camposol second quarter sales soar


Rising avocado sales and solid asparagus prices were the key drivers for a 55% increase in sales during the second quarter for Camposol Holding Ltd., Lima, Peru.

California Avocado Commission extends breakfast promotion


The California Avocado Commission has extended its program promoting breakfast use of avocados.

Fall season to feature full plate of promotions


As the fall marketing season approaches, avocado marketers say they are preparing to build on consumption levels in the U.S. that they could only vaguely imagine a few years earlier.

Options key to retail sales growth


Choice is the most vital factor to fresh avocado sales success at retail, avocado marketers say.

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Market Scope - Avocados — F.o.b.s as of Aug. 18


MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS DISTRICT — Crossings (155-143-173) — Movement expected to increase. Trading moderate. Prices 84s generally unchanged, others lower. Cartons two-layer hass 32s mostly $36.25, 36s mostly $36.25-37.25, 40s mostly $33.25, 48s mostly $28.25-29.25, 60s mostly $28.25-29.25, 70s mostly $28.25-29.25, 84s $23.25-24.25. Extra services included.

SOUTH DISTRICT, CALIF. — Shipments (94-79-**) —Movement expected to decrease. Trading moderate. Prices 70s and 84s generally unchanged, others higher. Cartons two-layer hass 32s mostly $38.25, 36s mostly $38.25, 40s mostly $38.25, 48s mostly $37.25-38.25, 60s $37.25-38.25, 70s mostly $35.25, 84s $25.25-26.25. Extra services included. California growers continue to harvest but volume is on the decline. The size curve is peaking on the 48s and 60s. California's season will continue into mid-September but the majority of the remaining volume will be harvested in August. **unavailable

SOUTH FLORIDA — Shipments (29-39-35) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading moderate. Prices 8-9s generally unchanged; 10-12s higher. Cartons one-layer flats. 8-9s mostly $5-5.50, 10-12s mostly $6-7. Predominate variety simmond. Quality good.

PERU — Imports (13-55*-28) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to remain about the same as Aug. 4-17. Port of entry: Philadelphia and New York. Trading fairly slow. Prices unchanged. Cartons two-layer hass 28s $23.25-25.25, 32-36s $25.25-27.25, 40s $25.25-27.25, 50s $26.25-28.25, 60s $26.25-28.25, 70s $31.25-33.25. Quality good. Port of entry: Southern California. Trading moderate. Prices 40-50s and 84s unchanged, others higher. Cartons two-layer hass 28-50s $25.25-26.25, 60s $29.25-30.25, 70s $27.25-28.25, 84s $24.25-26.25. Quality good.


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