These small, antioxidant-rich berries are growing in popularity. Blueberries were the No. 8 fruit that consumers purchased in the past year, up from No. 10 in Fresh Trends 2012. The tiny blue globes were the No. 4 item that consumers said they were buying now that they did not buy previously.


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Wish Farms plans to double blueberry volume


ANAHEIM, Calif. — Plant City, Fla.-based Wish Farms plans to double its blueberry volume this coming season — not by planting more acres, but by bringing more growers on board.

Chile freeze damage likely limited


For the second straight year, Chile has been hit with unusually cold fall weather, but damage should be much lighter than last year.

Wholesum, Wish Farms win sensory contest


ANAHEIM, Calif. — The children and buyers have spoken through their votes at the Produce Marketing Association’s Sensory Experience Contest.

Chile hit with another cold snap


For the second straight year, Chile has been hit with unusually cold fall weather, potentially damaging fruit crops.

Naturipe expands fruit snack line


Naturipe Farms is expanding its fresh snack line with two new product blends, mango and blueberry and grape and blueberry. They’re expected to start distribution in November.

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Market Scope - Blueberries — F.o.b.s as of Oct. 20


ARGENTINA — (3*-2-5) — Imports via air. Movement expected to increase as harvesting increases. Port of entry: Miami International Airport. Trading fairly slow. Prices lower. Flats of 12 6-ounce cups with lids medium-large $23-26. Quality good. *revised.


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