The likelihood of a cranberry purchase slipped two percentage points from last year, but this fall favorite still has its niche. Even the younger generation has embraced this “traditional” fruit, with shoppers age 21-39 being among some of the most likely to buy cranberries this year.


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Despite drought, California clementines plentiful for Christmas


Despite severe, persistent drought in California, there should be plenty of mandarins to meet Christmas demand.

Green bean volumes down 50% for Thanksgiving


Grower-shippers expect ample high-quality supplies of most Thanksgiving produce staples this year, with green beans the notable exception.

Cranberries juiced for fall demand


Fresh cranberries always enjoy strong demand around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But as the market price of cranberry juice concentrate falls, cranberry growers are shifting their crops to more profitable markets like dried fruit.

U.S. cranberry production down 4%


U.S. cranberry production is predicted to fall 4% in 2014, because of lower production in industry leader Wisconsin.

Bridges Produce inks deal with cranberry packer


Organic specialist Bridges Produce has partnered with a cranberry packer.

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Market Scope - Cranberries — F.o.b.s as of Dec. 22


ALL PRODUCTION AREAS — Shipments (13-8-**) — Movement expected to decrease as 2014 season comes to a close. Wholesale prices at the New England Produce Center on Dec. 22: cartons of 24 12-ounce film bags large MA late howe mostly $32. **not available. LAST REPORT.


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