Grapefruit is a steady performer. Thirty-one percent of shoppers reported that they were likely to make a grapefruit purchase – the same number as last year.


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Group educates lawmakers on need for organic HLB research


The organic industry took to Capitol Hill to educate staff members from more than a dozen congressional offices about the need to find organic methods to fight citrus greening.

Last season report shows smaller Florida citrus production


Despite slight production gains from the previous month, the Sunshine State finished its latest season producing fewer volumes of oranges, grapefruit and tangerines.

Organic industry raising money to fight citrus greening


Citing a lack of attention paid to organic growers, the U.S. organic industry is launching a campaign to generate funding for organic-focused citrus greening disease research.

Greene River promotes salesman


Greene River Marketing Inc., has promoted Derek Rodgers, the company’s harvesting supervisor, to North American sales manager.

EU citrus ruling unlikely to affect U.S. imports


Stricter import regulations on South African citrus shipping to Europe will have little if any effect on citrus exports to the U.S., officials said.

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Market Scope - Grapefruit — F.o.b.s as of July 21


SOUTH AND CENTRAL DISTRICT, CALIF. — Shipments light — Movement expected to increase slightly. Trading moderate. Prices 32-56s slightly higher, other generally unchanged. Unofficial prices 7/10-bushel cartons summer ruby and star ruby shippers first grade 23s $10.80-12.90, 27s $12.80-14.90, 32s $12.80-13.90, 36s $12.80-14.90, 40s $11.40-13.90, 48s $11.80-13.40, 56s $10.80-12.90; shippers choice 23-27s mostly $8.80-10.90, 32-40s $9.80-12.40, 48s $9.80-12.90, 56s $8.80-10.90. Prices from trade sources. No f.o.b. report issued as of July 21.


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