This versatile fruit, which can be used for cooking, in drinks, as a fat-free flavor enhancer and even as a garnish, maintains a steady following. The likelihood of purchase slipped four percentage points from last year, but lemons were the ninth most-popular fruit in Fresh Trends 2013.


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Oppy offers consumers Uruguayan citrus


The Oppenheimer Group is now offering customers fruit from Uruguay.

Kansas City chef features locally grown corn


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When life gives Chef Jasper lemons, he makes limoncello. And locally grown sweet corn.

Sunkist plans cocktails for PMA Foodservice


Sunkist Growers plans to showcase meyer lemons in mixed drinks at the Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference and Expo July 25-27 in Monterey, Calif.

Lemons take their turn as high-dollar citrus


When lime prices hit triple-digits earlier this year, some shippers I talked to said restaurants were switching to lemons as a cheaper substitute.

Foodservice business updates


Church Bros., LLC, Salina, Calif., recently launched three new salad blends for the foodservice industry.

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Market Scope - Lemons — F.o.b.s as of July 21


SOUTH AND CENTRAL DISTRICT, CALIF. — Shipments fairly heavy — Movement expected about the same. Trading very active. Prices generally unchanged. 7/10-bushel carton shippers first grade 75s mostly $43.80-47.90, 95-115s mostly $47.80-50.90, 140s mostly $43.80-46.90, 165s mostly $39.80-41.90, 200s mostly $28.40-32.90, 235s $20.80-22.90; shippers choice 75s mostly $33.80-37.90, 95s mostly $35.80-39.90, 115s mostly $36.80-39.90, 140s mostly $38.80-39.90, 165s mostly $36.80-38.90, 200s mostly $27.90-29.90, 235s $19.80-20.90; unclassified (standard) 75s $24.80-25.90, 95-115s mostly $25.80-27.90, 140s mostly $26.80-28.90, 165s mostly $27.80-30.90, 200s $22.80-24.90.

CHILE — Imports (13-25-14) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to remain about the same. Port of entry: Philadelphia. Trading very active. Prices for 17-kilogram cartons 75-95s $50-52, 115-140s $46-48, 165-200s $42-44. Quality good.


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