This versatile fruit, which can be used for cooking, in drinks, as a fat-free flavor enhancer and even as a garnish, maintains a steady following. The likelihood of purchase slipped four percentage points from last year, but lemons were the ninth most-popular fruit in Fresh Trends 2013.


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Sunkist video promotes substituting lemon for salt


The latest Sunkist Citrus Hacks video focuses on substituting lemon for salt in cooking.

Sutherland Produce starts organic citrus deals


Sutherland Produce Sales Inc. has kicked off its organic citrus deals.

Arizona expands citrus psyllid quarantine


The Arizona Department of Agriculture has quarantined two new parts of the state because of Asian citrus psyllid and has warned residents about shipping citrus fruit and citrus trees.

Mixologists vie in Lemoneira competition


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Mixologist Patrick Reynolds of Wildcat Lounge, Santa Barbara, Calif., was the winner of the first of a series of international contests to determine who have the recipes for the world’s most creative and delicious lemon cocktails.

Sunkist videos offer ‘Citrus Hacks’


Sunkist Growers Inc. is promoting navel oranges, lemons and grapefruit with a series of four videos dubbed Sunkist Citrus Hacks.

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Market Scope - Lemons — F.o.b.s as of Dec. 8


CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND ARIZONA — Shipments fairly heavy — Movement expected about the same. Trading choice 75s and 140s and standard 75s and 115s active at slightly lower prices, others active. Prices choice 75s and 140s and standard 75s and 115s slightly lower, others generally unchanged. 7/10-bushel carton shippers first grade 75s mostly $38.80-40.90, 95s mostly $40.80-42.90, 115s mostly $38.80-40.90, 140s mostly $36.80-38.90, 165s mostly $28.80-30.90, 200s mostly $20.80-21.90, 235s $18.80-20.90; shippers choice 75s mostly $25.80-27.80, 95s mostly $26.80-28.90, 115s mostly $25.80-27.90, 140s mostly $27.80-29.90, 165s mostly $26.80-28.90, 200s $18.80-20.90, 235s $16.80-18.90; unclassified (standard) 75s $20.80-22.90, 95s $21.80-23.90, 115s $20.80-22.90, 140s $22.80-24.90, 165s $20.80-23.90, 200s $14.80-16.90.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (5-6-8) — Movement expected to decrease sharply as most handlers have finished. Light shipments expected to continue through Dec. 29. LAST REPORT.


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