This fuzzy stone fruit is one of the top fruits in Fresh Trends 2013, but the likelihood of a peach purchase fell 10 percentage points from last year.


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Bolthouse launches kids’ snack line


Just in time to catch the back-to-school wave, Bolthouse Farms plans to launch in August a line of seven new products called Bolthouse Farms Kids line.

UPDATED: Wawona stone fruit recall spurred by Australian tests


(UPDATED COVERAGE, July 22) As a recall of stone fruit from Wawona Packing Co. expanded to Canada, the California company responded to consumers’ questions, explaining that an Australian importer’s discovery of minute levels of listeria on three peaches spurred the international recall.

SE peach volumes surge, demand strong


Southeast peach volumes surged after a sluggish beginning, and excellent quality is driving strong demand.

Peach parties help Garden State celebrate peaches


New Jersey is celebrating the arrival of summer peaches through a variety of peach-oriented events and festivals.

Bayshore Produce starts new grape brand


Expanding a domestic presence in grapes, Bayshore Produce LLC is launching its own brand and entering into co-packing partnerships with California grower-shippers.

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Market Scope - Peaches — F.o.b.s as of July 21


CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY DISTRICT, CALIF. — Shipments (154-167-175) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading active at lower prices. Prices lower. Primary yellow-flesh varieties elegant lady, sweet dream and zee lady. Cartons two-layer tray pack 40-42s mostly $22.85, 44s mostly $22.85, 48-50s mostly $20.85; 25-pound cartons loose 54-56s mostly $20.85, 60-64s mostly $16.85-17.85, 70-72s mostly $14.85-15.85, 80-84s $12.85-13.85. Primary white-flesh varieties snow king and snow princess. Cartons two-layer tray pack 44s mostly $22.85, 40-42s mostly $22.85, 48-50s mostly $19.85-20.85; 25-pound cartons loose 60-64s mostly $16.85-17.85, 70-72s $14.85-15.85, 80-84s $11.85-13.85. Extra services included.

SOUTH CAROLINA — Shipments (73-109-90) — Movement was expected to increase by the end of the week of July 21. Trading moderate. Prices lower. Half-bushel cartons 2¼-inch and up mostly $9.65-10.65, 2½-inch and up mostly $12.65, 2¾-inch and up $12.65-15.65. Primary varieties: contender, julyprince, scarletprince, early autumnprince. *revised

CENTRAL GEORGIA — Shipments (*54-*56-15) — Current supplies insufficient to establish market. No f.o.b. issued until availability of shippers increases the week of July 21.

YAKIMA VALLEY AND WENATCHEE DISTRICT, WASH. — Shipments (0-1-3) — Volume expected to increase. Reportable volume was expected the week of July 21.

SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY — Shipments (0-0-1) — Movement expected about the same. Trading active. Various yellow-flesh varieties mostly sentry, glenglo, garnet beauty, flavorcrest and gala ½-bushel cartons 2¾-inch and larger mostly $16.65-18.65, 2½- to 2¾-inch mostly $14.65. The area remains fairly dry and growers are irrigating as needed. Quality is very good.

APPALACHIAN DISTRICT (MD-PA-VA-WV) — Shipments (0-0-0) — Growers continue to harvest light volume of clingstone varieties for local farm stands. Freestone varieties were expected to begin the week of July 28.

MICHIGAN — Initial light harvest of early varieties, notably early star and PF1 underway with red haven harvest expected to begin the week of Aug. 4 in southwestern Michigan. FIRST REPORT.


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