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Ayco Farms names VP to head West Coast expansion


Ayco Farms Inc. has named a vice president of its West Coast division.

UPDATED: Fresh Del Monte reports strong third quarter


(UPDATED CONTENT 11:53 a.m.) Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. posted a net sales increase of 3% and a gross profit increase of almost 40% for the third quarter this year compared to its performance in 2013.

New, larger ships begin calling on Philadelphia port


A new and larger capacity class of shipping vessels is calling on the Port of Philadelphia.

Veg-Fresh Farms reaches organic milestone


Veg-Fresh Farms is celebrating the sale of 3 million boxes of Good Life-branded organic produce.

Procacci expands tropicals and ethnic items


Procacci Bros. Sales Corp. has expanded its tropical and ethnic produce lines and launched a new brand, Feliz.

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Market Scope - Tropicals — F.o.b.s as of Nov. 12


CENTRAL AMERICAN IMPORTS — Imports (35*-30*-31) — Imports from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Movement expected to remain about the same. Port of entry: South Florida. Trading slow. Prices yuca higher; calabaza, chayote (20 pounds), malanga (lila), taro eddoes, dasheen (large) and yams (yellow) lower; Chayote (40 pounds), ginger root, malanga (blanca) dasheen (medium) and yams (white) generally unchanged. Calabaza 50-pound sacks mostly $9- $10. Chayote 20-pound cartons mostly $7.50-8, 40-pound cartons mostly $13. Ginger root 30-pound cartons mostly $40. Malanga 40-pound cartons blanca (large) mostly $39-40, lila (large) mostly $52. Taro 40-pound cartons eddoes mostly $24, dasheen 40-pound cartons (large) mostly $54-55, 50-pound sacks (medium) mostly $17-18. Yams (name) 45-pound cartons yellow mostly $42, 50-pound cartons white mostly $27-28. Yuca (cassava) 40-pound cartons mostly $17. Quality good. *revised.

CARIBBEAN IMPORTS — Imports (6*-3*-4) — Imports from the Dominican Republic. Movement expected to remain about the same. Port of entry: South Florida. Trading fairly slow. Prices generally unchanged. Coconut 65- to 70-pound sacks 40s mostly $25. Quality good.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (7-1-4) — Movement expected about the same. Trading moderate. Prices slightly higher. 40-pound cartons chayote mostly $11-12. Quality variable.



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