While the likelihood of a watermelon purchase spiked last year, this year the likelihood of purchase fell seven percentage points, putting it closer to 2010 levels.


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Southern Corporate Packers increases acreage, adds products


IMMOKALEE, Fla. — Southern Corporate Packers Inc., is increasing acreage, growing some new items and expanding production of a commodity that isn’t widely grown in the fall.

Fresh produce products included in SunBurst recall


Several fresh produce items are among more than 130 products under recall by SunBurst Foods, Goldsboro, N.C., because of possible listeria contamination.

MelonUp! raises $1 million for cancer research


Robinson Fresh has donated $1 million to breast cancer research organizations since the inception of its MelonUp! Pink Ribbon Watermelon program in 2007.

Watermelon promotion board names contest winners


The National Watermelon Promotion Board, the nonprofit marketing and communications arm of the watermelon industry, has named winners for its annual Watermelon Carving Contest. With nearly 100 entries, judges saw a range of carvings, from intricate designs to comical interpretations.

Watermelon takes ice bucket challenge


Watermelon has taken the plunge, getting drenched in the national ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Market Scope - Watermelon — F.o.b.s as of Oct. 14


MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (17-19-67, seedless 17-19-67, seeded 0-0-0) — Movement expected to increase seasonally. Trading fairly active. Prices 24-inch bins per pound approximately 35 and 45 counts 24-26 cents, approximately 60 count 22-24 cents. Quality variable.


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