The likelihood of a cabbage purchase fell four percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012. Age and affluence clearly play a role when it comes to cabbage purchases.


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Packer Stories

Empire State production to begin late on some items


Though cabbage, sweet corn and cucumbers are starting late, growers expect to begin harvesting other summer New York vegetables on time.

Cabbage to be late, squash expected on time


Because of spring planting problems, New York’s cabbage harvest is scheduled to begin a little later than usual, but growers plan to harvest squash on time.

Pioneer-Piedimonte partnership expands New York corn production


A partnership will help a leading Florida sweet corn grower-shipper expand to year-round production.

Vega Produce offers fresh-cut produce


Vega Produce LLC, a grower-shipper and importer of Central American and Caribbean fruits and vegetables, is expanding into fresh-cut produce.

Georgia vegetable production running late


LAKE PARK, Ga. — Buyers can expect lower than normal supplies and later-starting volume as Georgia grower-shippers start shipments.

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Market Scope - Cabbage — F.o.b.s as of July 14


ALL CALIFORNIA DISTRICTS — Shipments (32-25-24) —

OXNARD DISTRICT, CALIF. — Movement expected about the same as the 16 units shipped the week of July 7. Trading green fairly slow, red moderate. Prices lower. 50- and 45-pound cartons 18-24s round green-type mostly $6.25-6.95, red-type $11.75-12.95. Quality generally good.

CENTRAL COAST, CALIF. — Movement expected about the same as the 8 units shipped the week of July 7. Trading moderate. Prices red higher, green generally unchanged. 50-pound cartons 18-24s round green-type mostly $8.25-8.45, red-type $11.45-13.25. Quality generally good.

MICHIGAN — Shipments (15-19-23) — Movement expected about the same. Trading moderate. Prices lower. 50-pound cartons round green-type medium $8-9.85. Quality good.

NORTHEAST COLORADO — Shipments (0-7-12) — Movement expected to increase seasonally. Trading fairly active at slightly lower prices. Prices slightly lower. 50-pound cartons medium round green-type mostly $9.50-10. Unofficial prices 50-pound cartons red-type $16; 50-pound sacks large round green-type $6. Quality generally good. Unofficial prices from trade sources; no f.o.b. report issued as of July 14 as supplies of red and large green are in few hands.

EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA — Shipments (30-21*-9) — Movement expected to continue decreasing as most shippers are finished for the season. No f.o.b. reported as of July 14. *revised. LAST REPORT.

WESTERN AND CENTRAL NEW YORK — Shipments (0-0-0) — Initial light harvesting underway. The first f.o.b. report was expected the week of July 14. FIRST REPORT.

SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA — Shipments very light — Movement expected to increase as more growers begin harvesting. Current supplies are very light and insufficient to establish market.


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