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Position of garlic, herbs means a lot at retail


Where retail sales of garlic and herb are concerned, where is almost as important as what, suppliers say.

Foodservice proves reliable market for herbs, garlic


Herbs and garlic are finding ready and eager customers in the foodservice category, but chefs demand special requirements of the product to facilitate their use, suppliers say.

Airwaves, Web get the word out on herbs, garlic


For suppliers of herbs and garlic, cooking shows are seen as priceless marketing tools.

Garlic Festival helps put product in limelight


Every year for the last three decades and longer, garlic growers, shippers, marketers and culinary fans have gathered in late July at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Live produce finds place in retail, foodservice


Living produce presents a variety of promotional scenarios, marketers say.

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Market Scope - Herbs — F.o.b.s as of July 21


ALL CALIFORNIA DISTRICTS — Shipments (11-12-14) —

CENTRAL COAST, CALIF. — Movement expected about the same as the 12 units shipped the week of July 14. Trading early moderate, late slow. Prices lower. Cilantro cartons bunched 60s mostly $14-16.50, 30s mostly $9-11. Quality generally good.


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