This king of salad vegetables is popular across the board. At least 50% of consumers in every demographic group bought lettuce in the past year, with the exception of single shoppers. Consumers with three or more children at home comprised the group most likely to buy lettuce overall.


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Iceberg dips; no relief on $30 romaine


Iceberg lettuce prices fell sharply in late January, but buyers found no relief on romaine as 24-count cartons remained over $30.

High prices, gaps expected throughout desert lettuce deals


Supply and quality issues will complicate the remainder of the California and Arizona lettuce deals, and prices should stay high as a result.

Josie’s Organics launches iceberg, green onions


Braga Fresh Family Farms has added organic iceberg lettuce and green onions to its offerings under the Josie’s Organics label.

Snow, frost besiege California crops


A week of frosty weather that rolled through California and Arizona around New Year’s brought snowfall to avocado groves, higher lettuce and broccoli prices and a narrow escape for citrus.

Desert frosts nip lettuce


Frost conditions that hit desert production areas in California and Arizona just before New Year’s are likely to tighten supplies of lettuce and send prices higher in January.

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Market Scope - Lettuce, other — F.o.b.s as of Jan. 20


WESTERN ARIZONA — Shipments (62-67-58) — Movement expected to increase slightly. Trading boston moderate, others fairly active. Prices boston generally unchanged, others higher. Cartons 24s green leaf (light supplies) mostly $26.50-29.50, red leaf (light supplies) mostly $26.45-28.95, boston mostly $19.45-21.25. Quality variable. Most presents shipments from prior bookings and/or previous commitments at lower prices.

ALL CALIFORNIA DISTRICTS — Shipments (19-20-18) —

IMPERIAL AND COACHELLA VALLEYS, CALIF. — Movement expected to increase slightly above the 16 units shipped the week of Jan. 12. Trading boston moderate, others active. Prices boston lower, others slightly higher. Cartons 24s green leaf $27.50-28.95, red leaf mostly $26.95-28.55, boston $26.95-28.55. Quality variable. Most present shipments from prior bookings and/or previous commitments at lower prices.

OXNARD DISTRICT, CALIF. — Movement expected about the same as the 2 units shipped the week of Jan. 12. Trading early active, late moderate. Prices higher. Cartons 24s green leaf and red leaf $26.95-28.75. Quality variable.


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