This pungent vegetable finds its way into most consumers’ carts. In fact, it was the second most-popular vegetable in Fresh Trends 2013. Onions moved up from the No. 3 vegetable spot last year and were the fourth most-popular commodity overall in this year’s survey. The likelihood of purchase slid one percentage point from last year.


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Suppliers note earlier start for Washington-Oregon onions


With summer heat having largely held off during the growing season, the 2014-15 onion crop out of the Columbia Basin in Oregon and Washington appeared to be headed for an early start, growers and shippers said.

Washington/Oregon Onions business updates


Longtime Walla Walla onion salesman Bryon Magnaghi now is produce trader for Seattle-based wholesaler FC Bloxom, which entered the Walla Walla onion deal in 2013.

Suppliers predict ample promotions in retail, foodservice


There should be plenty of onions out of Washington and Oregon to keep retail customers and their shoppers content this year, suppliers said.

Bulk still has edge, but consumer packs make gains


Bulk displays still carry most of the weight of onion sales out of Washington and Oregon, but consumer packs — particularly the stalwart 3-pound bags — continue to make gains at retail, growers and shippers say.

Washington-Oregon stakes claim in sweet onion competition


Onion growers and shippers in the Columbia Basin say their sweet onions can keep up with better-known rivals from Walla Walla, Wash., and Vidalia, Ga., — and perhaps will pass them in certain aspects in the future.

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Market Scope - Onions, dry — F.o.b.s as of July 21


U.S. — Shipments (including imports, 808-847*-782) — The top shipping areas for the week, in order, were New Mexico; San Joaquin Valley, Calif.; Georgia; Columbia Basin, Wash.; and Walla Walla, Wash. *revised.

SOUTHERN NEW MEXICO — Shipments (319-374-362) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading very active. Prices much higher. Yellow grano 50-pound sacks supercolossal mostly $16, colossal $15-16, jumbo $14, medium $10-12, repacker size $9-10. White 50-pound sacks jumbo mostly $14, medium mostly $12. Red globe-type 25-pound sacks jumbo $12, medium $10.

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, CALIF. — Shipments (224-292-246) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading very active. Price higher. Yellow hybrid 50-pound sacks supercolossal $12-14, colossal $11-13, jumbo mostly $11-12, medium mostly $10. Red globe-type 25--pound sacks jumbo mostly $9-10, medium mostly $7-8.

VIDALIA DISTRICT, GA. — Shipments (109-84-70) — Movement expected to decrease seasonally as shippers finish for the season. Trading active. Prices higher. Yellow granex marked sweet 40-pound cartons U.S. 1 jumbo $18-20.

COLUMBIA BASIN, WASH., AND UMATILLA BASIN, ORE. (2014) — Shipments (15-33-30, includes export of 6-13-7) — Movement expected to increase as mores growers start to harvest onions. Unofficial prices for July 21, yellow hybrid-type 50-pound sacks jumbo $10, medium $9; red globe-type 25-pound sacks jumbo $9-10, medium $8. A price report was expected to start the week of July 28.

WALLA WALLA DISTRICT, WASH. — Shipments (17-18-20, includes export of 2-3-2) — Movement remain about the same. Trading moderate. Prices medium generally unchanged, jumbo lower. Yellow Walla Walla sweets 40-pound cartons jumbo mostly $18, medium mostly $15.

MEXICAN CROSSINGS THROUGH SOUTH TEXAS — Crossings (20-10*-18) — Movement expected to decrease seasonally. Remaining supplies in too few hands to establish a market. *revised.


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