These hearty greens are popular among most all demographic groups. The likelihood of a spinach purchase slipped two percentage points from last year.


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Downy mildew limits growth of organic spinach


SEASIDE, Calif. — The spread of downy mildew is straining the ability of organic spinach suppliers to meet demand, much less exploit growth opportunities in a category that enjoys double-digit annual sales increases.

Grant to help small growers cut losses


A four-year research project by researchers at Kansas State University and the University of Florida aims to help small fruit and vegetable growers reduce postharvest loss.

Restaurant trends favor avocados, cruciferous


CHICAGO — Produce appears in a new light on restaurant menus with operators playing up healthy additions.

Rijk Zwaan USA banks on Salanova lettuce


Rijk Zwaan USA Inc. continues to develop the Salanova lettuce seed line brought to market through limited partnerships with shippers like Mann Packing Co. and Fresh Express.

Got a picky eater? There’s a coach for that


When I was a kid I hated lettuce. I liked brussels sprouts until I reached the age where you learn you’re “not supposed to like them,” at which point I thought they were disgusting.

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Market Scope - Spinach — F.o.b.s as of Aug. 18


CENTRAL COAST, CALIF. — Shipments (12-10-14) — Movement expected about the same. Trading active. Prices higher. Cartons bunched flat 24s mostly $11.35-12.45. Quality variable.


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