The likelihood of a sprout purchase remained exactly even with last year.


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Listeria prompts recall of sprouts in Northwest


An unknown volume of fresh soybean and mung bean sprouts, some in bags without labels and some with another week of shelf life, left is under recall by Kkot Saem Sprouts Inc. because of possible listeria contamination.

Two dozen more illnesses in Wonton Foods sprout outbreak


Federal officials say potentially contaminated bean sprouts from Wonton Foods Inc. that are linked to a salmonella outbreak have been out of the stream of commerce for weeks, but confirmed infections continue to increase.

Sprout grower shuts down after 13 years of violations


RZM Food Factory has stopped growing and selling fresh sprouts.

Want safer sprouts? Research says gas ’em


New research with chlorine dioxide gas offers hope for fans of fresh sprouts who have food safety concerns about the pathogen-friendly growing process that makes them particularly susceptible to salmonella contamination.

Grower shipping sprouts again as salmonella outbreak grows


As the victim count continues to increase in a salmonella outbreak linked to bean sprouts from Wonton Foods Inc., federal officials report the growing operation has been sanitized and is again producing and shipping fresh sprouts.

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Market Scope - Spinach — F.o.b.s as of April 2


ALL CALIFORNIA DISTRICTS — Shipments (9-8-7) —

CENTRAL COAST, CALIF. — Movement expected to increase seasonally. Trading moderate. Prices cartons bunched flat 24s $11.35-14.47. Quality generally good.

IMPERIAL, COACHELLA AND PALO VERDE VALLEYS, CALIF., CENTRAL AND WESTERN ARIZONA AND MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH CALEXICO AND SAN LUIS — Shipments (AZ 74-84-102, CA 7-6-2, crossings 7-8-5) — Movement expected to decrease seasonally. Trading early active, late moderate. Prices lower. Cartons bunched flat 24s mostly $13.45-14.75. Quality generally good.


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