Squash purchases slipped three percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012.


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Study tracks shipping temperatures for berries, other produce


A temperature tracking system to help ensure quality deliveries of strawberries can be used with other fresh produce items.

Frieda’s shipping winter squash


Frieda’s Specialty Produce is now shipping winter squash.

J&S adds eggplant, squash variety


J&S Produce Inc. plans to market straightneck squash.

J&J Family of Farms expands operations


J&J Family of Farms Inc. plans to expand its refrigeration capacity at its Adel, Ga., operations.

New plant brings Baker Farms into fresh-cut leafy greens


Baker Farms LLC, a south Georgia grower-shipper of leafy greens, is entering the fresh-cut processing business.

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Market Scope - Squash — F.o.b.s as of Sept. 8


MICHIGAN — Shipments (23-25-18) — Movement expected to decrease slightly. Trading fairly slow. Prices generally unchanged. Half-bushel cartons zucchini mostly $8.85-10.95, medium $7-8.95, yellow straightneck small mostly $10.85-12.85, medium mostly $8.85-10.85. Quality variable. Yellow straightneck supplies light.

WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA — Shipments (1-1-1) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading moderate. Prices unchanged. Half- and 5/9-bushel cartons zucchini small $12.35, medium $10.35; yellow straightneck small $12.35-14.35, medium $10.35-12.35; ¾-bushel cartons yellow crookneck small $18.35, medium $10.35.

CENTRAL AND SOUTH FLORIDA DISTRICTS — Light shipments expected to begin by week of Sept. 29 with sufficient volume and number of shippers for first f.o.b. report by week of Oct. 13. FIRST REPORT.

LEXINGTON DISTRICT, S.C. — Shipments (1-X*-X*) — Movement expected to decrease. Trading moderate. Prices Sept. 9, compared to Sept. 2, zucchini lower. Half-bushel carton zucchini green small $12, medium $10. ¾-bushel cartons yellow crookneck small insufficient to quote, medium insufficient to quote. Quality good. *unavailable 


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