This smooth-fleshed fruit appeals to consumers from many walks of life, and more people are embracing it every day. Fresh Trends 2016 found that avocados were the No. 1 item that shoppers are buying now that they did not buy previously — 25% of respondents said so.

AvocadosFor the eighth year in a row, the likelihood of an avocado purchase increased according to income. Shoppers earning less than $25,000 annually comprised the group least likely to buy avocados overall. Western shoppers dominated purchases according to region, also a multi-year trend.

Hispanic consumers were the top ethic group to purchase the creamy fruit. In fact, this group was the most likely to buy avocados overall, followed by Western shoppers and Asian consumers.

Fourteen percent of avocado buyers said they always purchased organic product (11% said so last year). Thirty-eight percent of buyers said they bought organic avocados at least some of the time, a number up five percentage points from last year, making them the No. 2 fruit that consumers purchased as organic periodically.

The likelihood of an avocado purchase slipped three percentage points from last year.

44% of customers purchased avocados within the past 12 months.