These dark berries continue their steady climb up the list of popular fruits in Fresh Trends. This year the berries hit the No. 16 spot; they’ve climbed one spot per year since 2013. The likelihood of a blackberry purchase inched up one percentage point from last year.

BlackberriesIncome has a direct effect on blackberry purchases. When you add data from Fresh Trends 2016, it’s been a decade-long trend that shoppers in the highest income bracket have been the most likely to buy blackberries.

Consumers who classified themselves as part of the “all other” ethnic group were the next most likely to buy the berries.

Younger shoppers were a bit more likely to buy blackberries than older consumers, and those living in the West were more likely to purchase the berries than those in other regions. One-third of consumers with kids at home said they bought blackberries this year, compared to 29% of those without kids who said the same.

Sixteen percent of blackberry buyers said they always purchased organic product (13% said the same last year). Thirty-nine percent of buyers said they purchased organic product at least some of the time.

31% of customers purchased blackberries within the past 12 months.