After three years as the eighth most popular fruit in Fresh Trends, blueberries moved up a notch to the No. 7 position. The berries are well-liked by shoppers in all age groups and regions.


The likelihood of a purchase increased according to income for the seventh consecutive year. Asian shoppers and Caucasian consumers were more likely to buy the berries than those from other ethnic backgrounds.

The tiny globes are an easy snack for families with kids, and it shows. Families with children at home were more likely to buy blueberries, at 51%, than those without kids, at 48%. Shoppers with three or more kids comprised the group most likely to buy the berries overall—with nearly six in 10 of these consumers saying they bought blueberries in the past year.

Demand for organic blueberries was the same as last year. Fourteen percent of blueberry buyers said they always bought organic berries, while 37% of buyers said they bought organic product at least some of the time.

49% of customers purchased blueberries within the past 12 months.