The likelihood of a cantaloupe purchase dipped one percentage point from Fresh Trends 2015.

As was the case last year, the likelihood of a cantaloupe purchase increased according to both income and age. Shoppers age 50 and older comprised the group most likely to buy the orange-fleshed melon overall for the third year in a row.

There was little difference among cantaloupe buyers according to region or family size this year. Caucasian consumers were more likely to pick up the melon than those from other ethnic backgrounds.

More than three-quarters of cantaloupe buyers picked up conventionally grown product. In fact, the melon was the No. 1 item overall that shoppers bought as conventionally grown. Seven percent of cantaloupe buyers said they bought organic melons every time they made a purchase — the same was true last year. Twenty-one percent of buyers selected organic cantaloupe at least some of the time.

43% of customers purchased cantaloupe within the past 12 months.