Grapes maintained their standing as the No. 3 fruit in Fresh Trends this year, but in 2013 they share the spotlight with strawberries as the third most-popular fruit.

Convenience is clearly a plus for these tiny fruits, with 93% of consumers saying that they used grapes as a snack in the past year. Versatility also plays into grapes’ popularity. As a healthy option, 29% of shoppers used grapes as a dessert, 27% incorporated them into a salad and one-fifth added the globes to a recipe.

GrapesConsumers chose green seedless grapes more than other varieties, but red seedless grapes came in a close second, a trend that has continued for more than three years. Blue/black seedless grapes were preferred by 9% of shoppers; very few opted for grapes with seeds.

The likelihood of a grape purchase increased according to income and according to age up to age 59. As was the case last year, shoppers on both coasts were more likely to buy grapes than those in the middle of the country.

The portable clusters of fruit remain a popular option for families with kids. Consumers with kids were more likely to buy grapes, at 74%, than those without kids, at 66%. In fact, shoppers with three or more children at home comprised the group most likely to buy grapes overall.

When it came to organics, the likelihood of an organically exclusive grape purchase climbed one percentage point from Fresh Trends 2012. However the likelihood of a periodic organic purchase nearly doubled from last year, with 22% of grape buyers saying they purchased organic grapes at least some of the time.