The likelihood of a honeydew purchase fell five percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012, putting purchases at nearly the same level as 2010.

HoneydewAffluent consumers and older consumers were among some of the top groups to buy the green-fleshed melon. The likelihood of purchase increased according to income this year. Shoppers age 59 and older comprised the age group most likely to buy honeydew, followed by the youngest group – those age 21-39.

Consumers in the Northeast and the West continue to purchase more honeydew than shoppers in other regions. This year Northwestern consumers were more likely to buy than those the West – the top region last year.

Organic-only purchases of honeydew were exactly even with Fresh Trends 2012 – 5% of honeydew buyers said they purchased organic melons exclusively. However, the more people are selecting organic honeydews periodically. One-quarter of honeydew buyers said they purchased organic melons at least some of the time – a number up five percentage points from last year.