The likelihood of a lime purchase slipped two percentage points from last year. For the second consecutive year, the likelihood of a purchase increased according to income and decreased according to age. Shoppers earning less than $25,000 annually were the least likely overall to make a lime purchase.

LimesNortheastern consumers comprised the region most likely to buy limes, a trend now in its fourth year. This year shoppers in the Northeast were twice as likely to buy the green citrus fruit as those in the Midwest, the region least likely to buy.

Consumers with kids at home were more likely to buy limes, at 39%, than those without kids, at 30%. But the specific number of kids in the home seemed to have little effect on those purchases.

When it came to organic, the likelihood of an organic-only lime purchase inched up one percentage point from last year, to 7%. However more people were likely to buy organic limes periodically. Nearly one-quarter of lime buyers (24%) said they bought organic product at least some of the time.