The likelihood of a pear purchase fell five percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012.

Affluence played a role again this year. In fact, it was sixth time in as many years that the likelihood of a pear purchase has increased according to income. Age played a role in pear purchases as well. Shoppers age 40-49 were much less likely to buy pears than those younger or older than they were.

PearsLast year the likelihood of purchase was spread pretty evenly with regard to region. This year the Northeast clearly claimed the top spot, as they were some of the most likely to buy the fruit overall.

This easily-eaten-out-of-hand fruit remains a favorite with kids. Consumers with kids at home were more likely to buy the fruit, at 42%, than those without kids, at 37%.

Consumers in this year’s survey were more specific about their preferences for pears with regard to variety (last year more than 20% had no preference). Bartlett remains the favorite, but asian pears jumped to the No. 2 spot this year, followed by anjou and bosc. This sweet treat is perfect as a healthy snack or dessert, which is how most consumers said they used pears.

Nearly half of shoppers (49%) said they felt comfortable selecting ripe pears for immediate consumption.

When it came to organics, one-quarter of pear buyers said they purchased organic pears at least some of the time. Eight percent said they always bought organic fruit.