These healthful green florets consistently rank in the top 10 vegetables in Fresh Trends surveys. This year the likelihood of a broccoli purchase fell six percentage points from last year.

BroccoliThe likelihood of purchase increased according to income for the fifth straight year, with consumers in the highest income group being the most likely to buy. Consumers earning less than $25,000 annually and single shoppers were least likely to purchase the cruciferous vegetable overall. The likelihood of purchase also generally increased according to age.

Children also play a slight role in broccoli purchases. Six in 10 consumers with kids at home were likely to buy the vegetable, compared with only 55% of those without kids. The likelihood of a broccoli purchase increased as the number of children grew.

Northeastern shoppers have been in the top region to buy broccoli for four consecutive years now. More women than men purchased broccoli, a trend also in its fourth year.

The number of shoppers buying only organic broccoli stayed the same as last year, with 7% of broccoli buyers saying they always bought organic product. Periodic organic purchases increased two percentage points from last year, with one-quarter of buyers saying they bought organic broccoli at least some of the time.

57% of customers purchased broccoli within the past 12 months.