The likelihood of a cauliflower purchase remained the same as last year, with 39% of shoppers saying they bought the vegetable in the past 12 months.

CauliflowerAge and income play a role in cauliflower purchases. As was the case last year, older shoppers were more likely to buy the cruciferous vegetable than those younger than age 50. The likelihood of purchase increased according to income, with shoppers in the lowest income group being the least likely to buy cauliflower overall while those earning more than $100,000 were most likely to buy overall.

Purchasing patterns were strong in most regions, with the exception of the South. Southern consumers comprised the region least likely to buy cauliflower for the fourth consecutive year.

When it came to organic purchases, 7% of cauliflower buyers said they always bought organic product. The same was true last year. However, nearly one-quarter of buyers (24%) said they bought organic product at least some of the time – a number up five percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012.