Celery is a consistent performer, with more than 6 in 10 shoppers picking up the stalks in the past year. The likelihood of purchase was even with last year.

CeleryYoung shoppers shy away from celery. The likelihood of purchase increased according to age for the fifth straight year. In fact, the youngest consumers (those age 21-39) were the least likely overall to buy celery, while the oldest group of shoppers (age 59 and older) were the most likely overall to buy the vegetable this year.

This stalky item was actually one of the few items that was more likely to be bought by those without kids than those with kids. In Fresh Trends 2013, 62% of shoppers without kids said they purchased celery, compared with 59% of those with kids.

Western shoppers continued to comprise the region most likely to buy celery, a trend now in its fourth year. Last year Westerners shared the spotlight with consumers in the Northeast; this year Northeasterners came in second.

While more than three-quarters of consumers bought conventionally grown celery, 22% said they bought organic product at least some of the time – a number up three percentage points from last year. Six percent of celery buyers said they always purchased organic product.