Eggplant purchases remained relatively steady from last year. The likelihood of purchase for this purple vegetable was down one percentage point from Fresh Trends 2012.

EggplantPurchasing patterns hinged on several trends which can be traced through the past three years. The likelihood of purchase increased according to income, with shoppers earning more than $100,000 being some of the most likely to buy.

Age and region were also factors. Younger consumers seem more familiar with this vegetable, as consumers younger than 50 were more likely to buy eggplant than older consumers. The Gen Xers and Gen Y shoppers have defined this trend over the past three years. When it came to region, Northwestern shoppers were more likely to purchase the vegetable more than those in any other region, a purchasing pattern now in its fourth year.

While the likelihood of an organic-only eggplant purchase dropped three percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012, the likelihood that eggplant buyers would pick up an organic version of the vegetable at least some of the time increased. This year 31% of buyers selected organic product at least some of the time. Only one-quarter of respondents said the same thing last year.