These green-topped veggies are an easy go-to solution for adding flavor to many foods. The likelihood of a green onion purchase slipped three percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012.

Green onionsAffluence and age clearly affect green onion sales, with the likelihood of purchase increasing according to income and age this year – a trend we’ve followed for the past four years in Fresh Trends research. It’s also obvious that the small stalks are preferred by Western consumers more than those in any other region – this year nearly half of all Westerners (48%) said they made a purchase. This continues for the fourth consecutive year.

Shoppers with kids at home were a bit more likely to buy green onions, at 42%, than those without kids, at 38%. The more kids the families had at home, the more likely they were to buy the bulbs.

Nearly one-quarter of green onion shoppers (24%) said they bought organic product at least some of the time – a number up five percentage points from last year. Only 4% of buyers said they always bought organic green onions.