This pungent vegetable finds its way into most consumers’ carts. In fact, it was the second most-popular vegetable in Fresh Trends 2013. Onions moved up from the No. 3 vegetable spot last year and were the fourth most-popular commodity overall in this year’s survey. The likelihood of purchase slid one percentage point from last year.

OnionsThe likelihood of an onion purchase increased according to age this year. Shoppers age 50 and older were most likely to buy the bulbs overall. Income also played a factor, with the likelihood of purchase increasing according to income up to the highest income level, where numbers fell slightly.

Onions were one of the few commodities that were more likely to be bought by those without children. Three-quarters of onion buyers without kids bought onions, while 72% of those with kids said the same.

Northeastern consumers comprised the region most likely to buy onions, followed closely by those in the South.

Eight in 10 consumers chose conventionally grown onions, in fact, the bulbs were the No. 1 item that shoppers bought as conventionally grown. Seventeen percent of onion buyers said they purchased organic product at least some of the time (the same as in Fresh Trends 2012), but organic-only onion purchases slipped two percentage points from last year, with only 3% of buyers saying they bought organic onions exclusively.