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FDA issues import alert for certain Mexican cukes

04/25/2013 04:47:00 PM
Coral Beach

“Although we are confident that cucumbers from these firms are linked to illnesses in this outbreak, currently, we have no evidence that contaminated cucumbers from these suppliers are still on the market.”

The CDC reported 30 out of 45 of the sick people reported eating cucumbers from grocery stores or in restaurants during the week before they became ill. Another five of those 45 sick people thought they might have eaten cucumbers before becoming ill.

“Reviewing shipping records, with assistance from its partner state agencies, FDA traced cucumbers eaten by six ill people to the distributer, Tricar Sales Inc., and further, to the suppliers, Daniel Cardenas Izabal and Miracle Greenhouse,” the CDC reported.

The CDC notice said the agency is continuing to interview patients to determine the source of the salmonella, but preliminary findings were strong enough for the USDA to issue the import alert.

The states involved and the number of illnesses reported are: Arizona 9, California 28, Colorado 1, Idaho 2, Illinois 3, Louisiana 1, Massachusetts 1, Maryland 1, Minnesota 8, Nevada 1, New Mexico 2, North Carolina 1, Ohio 1, Oregon 2, South Dakota 2, Texas 6, Virginia 2 and Wisconsin 2.

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