Pamela's Kitchen: Dole Salad CompanionsDole’s new Salad Companions kits are right up my alley. I’m too lazy to do much else besides cut up a cucumber and throw some grape tomatoes on my own salad, but I do like all the tasty options that are out there.

I also am not the biggest fan of pre-cut lettuce.

I picked this one up at Walmart in Cedar Park, Texas for a couple of bucks. I happened to have some Tanimura & Antle romaine heads in my fridge already so I was ready to go.

This worked great. Unfortunately, you can tell I don’t stage or script these segments because I had a camera operator error and missed recording the actual mixing of the salad.

Trust me when I say there was plenty of tasty stuff for the two small chopped romaine heads I had on hand.

8/10 on the Squeezy Fruit Scale.