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Databar app seen as inroad to consumer engagement

04/17/2012 02:45:00 PM
Tom Karst

A new databar technology called greenscans allows consumers of Chelan Fresh apples to view grower videos on their smart phones by scanning the fruit sticker.

Apple sticker with PLU databarThe technology, adopted by the Chelan, Wash.-based shipper, will provide an opportunity for the marketer to create a connection with customers, said Mac Riggan, vice president of marketing for the company.

Riggan said he was excited about the greenscans technology in relation to what it can do for bulk-displayed fruit.

“You can put a QR code on a bags, but what about all the fruit that is sold on a bulk display?,” he said April 16. “Now what (consumers) are able to do is scan a databar code and it takes you right to the grower videos or whatever else you want.”

Riggan said QR codes won’t go away, but greenscans will be embraced by fresh produce shippers because the technology uses the functionality of the databar.

“It acts just like QR code, but on a PLU label, there is no room for a QR code.”

To view the Chelan Fresh apple grower videos, a customer must download the greenscans app to his or her smart phone and then scan the databar. Riggan believes retailers will be eager to embrace the technology because it will represent an efficient way to engage consumers.

Currently, more than 50% of U.S. adults use their smart phones when shopping in stores, according to a news release from greenscans.

Consumers who download a free app to their smart phone called greenscans ( and use the app to scan any product with a databar to learn about the product and the company.

Possible applications include direct links to company web sites, social media platforms and inviting consumers to “share” or “like” a product on Facebook. The app will also allow Chelan to send a direct message to consumers.

Paul Engelman, chief executive officer of Boone, N.C.-based greenscans, said in the release that greenscans is the first technology of its kind for databars. The greenscans app currently connects all registered databars to standard GS1 information by default and provides custom messaging for participating companies, according to the release. An updated version of the greenscans app is set for release in May and will feature expanded ability to connect consumers to the product, according to the release.

Juanita Gaglio, Southern California-based vice president of business development for greenscans, said the company is in talks with several other produce companies about bringing the technology to their marketing efforts. The company also is involved in the beginning stages of developing smart phone apps for a European Union food labeling initiative, she said.

Gaglio said the new generation of greenscans app, which is being utilized by Chelan, will give consumers a “dashboard” to view after seeing the grower videos.

“They can go to the website, or go to Facebook or recipes — any kind of other information,” she said April 16.

For further information on greenscans, visit the company website and Facebook page, where the app can also be downloaded.

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John Bailey    
Salinas Valley  |  April, 18, 2012 at 10:26 AM

This sounds like ShopSavvy. The difference is that ShopSavvy has 10 million current users.

Boone, NC  |  April, 18, 2012 at 03:24 PM

greenscans is a secure platform, allowing data providers to maintain ownership of their data assets and marketing message, while consumers can be assured of it's validity. "Hacking the food system" is a serious problem in the World today, with counterfeit products and misinformation adding to the global food crises. I don't think it is anything that should be condoned, as is the case in your article. If that is also Shop Savvy's stance, then they are not serving the best interest of producers and consumers.

Rod Averbuch    
Chicago IL  |  March, 13, 2014 at 11:14 AM

GS1 DataBar enables food waste reduction applications. The large amount of food waste is a lose-lose situation for the environment, the struggling families in today’s tough economy and for the food retailers. We should address the food waste problem in every link in our food supply chain. For example, the excess inventory of perishable food items close to their expiration on supermarket shelves causes waste. The consumer “Last In First Out” shopping behavior might be one of the weakest links of the fresh food supply chain. Why not utilize the new open GS1 DataBar standard to encourage efficient consumer shopping by offering him automatic and dynamic purchasing incentives for perishables approaching their expiration dates before they end up in a landfill? The “End Grocery Waste” application, which is based on the open GS1 DataBar standard, encourages efficient consumer shopping behavior that maximizes grocery retailer revenue, makes fresh food affordable for all families and effectively reduces the global carbon footprint. You can look this application up at EndGroceryWaste site. Rod, Chicago, IL

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