Note: The individually numbered articles in the Year in Produce section (starting with "Chamberlain cantaloupe outbreak" at No. 1 and ending with "Locally grown keeps rising" at No. 10) are the top 10 stories for the past year based on voting by The Packer staff.

The list below represents fresh produce-related story topics of 2012 that were the most viewed online:

1. Mexico/Florida tomato war.

2. Cantaloupe outbreak shakes up industry, leading to California’s new certification push.

3. Tainted mangoes cause widespread illness.

4. Sprout illnesses force national chains into menu changes and two new alliances.

5. Hail hits California stone fruit.

6. Adams Produce PACA/financial situation.

7. Delta Produce PACA case.

8. Liborio Market/Alejo Chapter 7, PACA, etc.

9. Organic fertilizer fraud and fallout, including prison sentences.

10. Hurricane Sandy disrupts produce industry.