The popularity of the Avocado Producers and Exporting Packers Association of Michoacán-sponsored guacamole recipe contest leading up to the 2011 Super Bowl has earned a second tour of duty — but with a twist.

“Guacamole is the No. 1 way of consuming avocados, especially during Super Bowl parties,” said Emiliano Escobedo, marketing director for the Avocados from Mexico group. “We want to make sure that consumers continue to serve guacamole, but with creativity.”

As consumers searched for ideas to make the perfect recipe for the 2011 contest, Escobedo said they discovered adding chorizo or seafood or even mangoes to guacamole is perfectly acceptable. It is that kind of creativity Avocados from Mexico hopes to see in the 2012 contest entries, he said, and there’s an ulterior motive.

“The creative recipes develop increased consumption through a vehicle (guacamole) that’s already present at most Super Bowl parties,” Escobedo said.

The 2012 contest will be supported by TV and radio commercials in eight target markets: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento, Calif.

“We’ve also developed generous support for our retailers and importers, everything from point of sale materials to secondary displays to increase impulse purchases to marketing dollars for in store demos and display contests,” Escobedo said.

The contest and the Super Bowl, which will be played Feb. 5, fall during the peak of harvest for Mexican avocados.

“Growing conditions in Mexico have been excellent this season,” Escobedo said. “The crop is larger than 2011 and more fruit will be available.”

Retailer creativity could dictate whether stores improve on last year’s bottom line, he said. Retailers who build displays that feature complimentary items, such as vegetables, chips, soft drinks and beer, along with avocados will help spur impulse buys.

“Retailers also should display the avocados not just in the produce section, but in the deli section, near entrances, all over the store and even outdoors in warmer markets,” Escobedo said. “It’s a great time for avocados. It’s a great opportunity to move tons of product.”