Accu-Seal's SmartVAC Impulse Vacuum Sealer
Accu-Seal's SmartVAC Impulse Vacuum Sealer

The new 675 Series smartVAC Impulse Vacuum Sealer, available in three models, is the latest of the package sealers offered by San Marcos, Calif.-based Accu-Seal, which showcased the sealer Sept. 23-25 at Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas.

Models offer heat sealing, vacuum sealing or modified atmosphere packaging applications.

“It can do nuts or fruit, but mostly this would be for dried foods because it’s not washdown-rated and is not designed to be cleaned, and this would be for small companies with small volume,” said Accu-Seal general manager Lesley Jensen.

Pricing on the 675 Series smartVAC starts at $4,100, which is less than half the cost of competing machines, Jensen said.

Accu-Seal 675 Series offers low-cost packaging options