John Smith, chairman of Skyview Cooling Co. and founder of several agricultural companies, died Oct. 12. He was 84.

In 1970, Smith founded Skyview Cooling, a cooling and distribution operation with facilities throughout the Southwest. Later, Smith helped pioneer Agricola El Toro, a farming operation in Mexico which now supplies organic vegetables to American markets. Smith then went on to found Skyline Potato Company, a potato packing operation in Center, Colo., in 1990. He started Southern Colorado Farms, an organic carrot, lettuce, and spinach farm, in 1994.

“My father was a visionary,” said Vic Smith. “He had a vision ... and charged forward, through any adversity. He had more optimism than anyone I’ve ever known.”

Smith is survived by his wife, Edna, his four children, and eleven grandchildren.

Memorial donations can be made to Hospice of Yuma or the Yuma Community Food Bank.