Ampac Holdings LLC is releasing two zipper application technologies.

Ampac introduces zipper packaging applicationsThe Cincinnati-based packaging company is rolling out its trademarked Inno-Lok method of applying a reclosable zipper to packaging films.

The Inno-Lok technology is applied transversely to packaging films producing pre-zippered roll stock film which can be used in form, fill and seal packaging applications, according to a news release.

Compared to conventional non-zippered films, the Inno-Lok system provides a reclosable roll stock solution that doesn’t incur reductions in processing and filling speeds, increases in scrap or set-up time and can save up to 25% in zipper material, according to the release.

Applied to fresh produce, the system provides consumers with an easy-open and resealable feature for traditional “pillow” packages, according to the release.

Three U.S. companies are licensed to use the system, according to the release.

“Inno-Lok and Pour & Lok by Ampac are additional technologies that can add value to your customers and to their business,”

“The pre-zippered film offers a unique solution to many food formats,” Millie Nuño, Ampac’s market manager for foods, said in the release.