Ampac, Cincinnati, has released two new machines, Mamata VegaPlus 1000 bag/pouch machine and a Nordmeccanica Duplex Combi Horizontal laminator.

The Mamata VegaPlus 1000 pouch machine will give customers the ability to specify flange zippers and add pouch style capabilities to traditional side weld bags, according to a news release.

It brings new options in twin seals and bottom sealed handle bags with the ability to punch gussets for stand up pouch gusset tacking.

The Nordmeccanica Duplex Combi Horizontal laminator has a new wide-web lamination capability that will enable the Ampac Seattle facility to coextrude, print, laminate and provide pre made pouches and or pre-zippered roll stock to its customer base from one Ampac location, according to the release.

“The addition of these machine capabilities elevates Ampac’s position with our customers, providing additional offerings to accommodate their needs,” Dave Bartish, Ampac’s marketing director said in the release. “It supplements an already strong menu of machine expertise for Ampac and it’s exciting to offer more to our customers.”