Apio Inc. hopes the success its had with a new kale product at Costco stores the past six months will translate to foodservice sales as well.

The Guadalupe, Calif.-based company’s 28-ounce Eat Smart Kale Vegetable Blend packs sell for $4.89 at Costco, and now the company is adding 32-ounce foodservice packs of the blend, which includes several recognized “superfood” ingredients, said Mike Curran, vice president of national accounts and foodservice. The foodservice price point has yet to be determined, Curran said.

“At Costco, it’s a rock star. It’s off the charts,” he said. “It’s a nutritionist’s wonderland and it has exceeded all expectations — both ours and our customers’. Kale is a hot entity right now and we’ve enhanced it.”

The blend, which features Breatheway technology for added shelf life, includes fresh julienned broccoli, slivered brussels sprouts, chopped cabbage, chopped kale and chicory.

Apio also plans to introduce a ginger bok choy around October or November, Curran said.