The New York Apple Association has launched a newly-updated website with a friendly new look and more pictures and videos.

Apple association updates gives viewers information about apple varieties, recipes and interactive maps to show where local suppliers of apples and ciders are located, according to a news release.

“Most of the visitors to our site want to learn more about New York state varieties, to get recipes and to find a local supplier — so we literally put that information front and center on the new site,” association president Jim Allen said in the release. “The updated site is also smartphone- and tablet-friendly, so you can access it wherever you are, however you want to.”

The site also highlights buying local.

“New York state is the country’s second largest apple-producing state, so New Yorkers don’t need to look any further than right here to find great apples,” Allen said in the release.

The updated site features:


  • profiles of New York state’s top apple varieties;
  • nearly 100 recipes using apples or apple products;
  • facts about the New York apple industry and apples in general, as well as frequently asked questions; and
  • a large nutrition section, including apple Nutrition Facts, health and weight benefits of eating apples, and research updates from the association’s consulting dietitian Linda Quinn.