Both volumes and prices of avocados shipping in the U.S. were up in late November.

About 367 million pounds of hass avocados had been imported to the U.S. season-to-date through Nov. 23, about the same as the 366 million pounds last season at the same time, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Domestic supplies also were about the same. About 56.5 million pounds of greenskin (non hass) avocados had shipped season-to-date from Florida, up from 55.8 million pounds last season at the same time.

Florida accounted for all but about 100,000 pounds of domestic avocados shipped in the U.S. through Nov. 23, according to the USDA.

Avocado prices also were up the last week of November. On Nov. 25, the USDA reported prices of $25.25-27.25 for 2-layer cartons of Mexican hass 48s, up from $18.25-19.25 last year at the same time.

Hass 32s from Mexico were $30.25-35.25, up from $19.25-20.25 last year.

One-layer flats of various greenskin varieties sizes 8-12 from Florida were $7-8, comparable to last year.

The bulk of imported avocados season-to-date have come from Mexico. Through Nov. 23, about 289 million pounds had been imported, down from 309 million pounds last season at the same time.

About 24 million pounds had been imported from Chile, up from 14.6 million pounds last season.