BC Tree Fruits Ltd. wants shoppers to “Look For The Leaf” in choosing apples to put into their shopping carts.

BC Tree Fruits promoting apple harvest, varietiesCoinciding with the start of its fall harvest, the Kelowna, British Columbia-based tree fruit growers’ cooperative is starting a “Look For The Leaf” campaign to help shoppers learn more about the apples its growers’ harvest.

The retail-based campaign features posters showing pictures of the various varieties and showing their best uses, according to a news release.

The marketing program’s focus this year is to educate consumers on what goes into each apple and show them the uses and differences in the varieties, according to the release.

“Many people don’t fully realize the care and skill our orchardists put into each of the apples they produce,” Chris Pollock, BC Tree Fruits’ marketing manager, said in the release. “We plan to share as much of the process as possible with consumers so they feel an even stronger connection when they ‘Look For The Leaf’ this season.”

The poster highlights 14 apple and three pear varieties.

It displays pictures of the varieties and briefly highlights the varieties’ taste, flesh and best use characteristics and seasonal availability.

BC Tree Fruits plans to feature an insider look into their growers’ apple harvest through traditional and social media.

The coop’s website, http://www.bctree.com, provides full descriptions of each variety including tasting notes, as well as information on the other fruit its growers harvest, which includes pears, cherries, peaches and blueberries.

Apple fans can watch the progress of the harvest and season details from September through February on the company’s Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/bctree, and Twitter, https://twitter.com/bctreefruits, pages.