The owners of two Baltimore-area distributors promoted their vice president of national sales to chief executive officer.

Baltimore wholesalers name CEOThe new CEO, Michael Davis, oversees operations of Jessup, Md.-based produce distributor G. Cefalu & Bro. Inc. and foodservice jobber Capital Seaboard. Davis worked sales for both companies for 1 1/2 years.

With more than two decades of foodservice management experience, Davis served as senior vice president and partner with Coastal Sunbelt Co. Inc., Savage, Md., as well as CEO of Cal Atlantic. He was also a board member of the Maryland Restaurant Association.

Baltimore wholesalers name CEO“We will be channeling our combined thoughts and views through Mike to kind of take us to the next level,” said Sal Cefalu, Cefalu’s co-owner and vice president. “We have done a lot of growing over last five years. We thought it was time to bring someone from the outside that had more of an overview of how businesses should be run once hits a certain level.”

The hiring of a CEO also brings the partner companies together in a reorganized board of directors. Sal Cefalu, John Cefalu, co-owner and president, and Troy Goeller, Capital Seaboard’s owner, join the board of directors that oversees the two companies through an umbrella company. Cefalu and Capital Seaboard remain separate companies in name only that operate together, Sal Cefalu said.

Giovanni and Phillipo Cefalu founded Cefalu in 1904 and Capital Seaboard began operations in 1956.