A tropical fruit and banana distributor is releasing what it calls a new type of banana packaging.

Tropical fruit importer changes banana packagingSan Diego-based Organics Unlimited Inc. is wrapping bands around its organic bananas to help retailers distinguish organic from conventionally grown bananas.

The packaging also has workers taping hands of bananas with the wrap when they initially pack for shipping.

The tape includes a GS1 DataBar barcode that allows the coding to include information such as the banana’s source as well as pricing in a smaller area. The DataBar adds more visibility to the value chain and can help retailers easily separate organic product from conventional product at checkout, said Mayra Velazquez de Leon, Organics Unlimited’s president.

“Most produce is sold either by the pound, and a PLU Code is entered at the register, or it is prepackaged, and the package can then be scanned to make the process faster and more accurate,” she said.

“With our new tape, the organic bananas are still sold by the pound, but the DataBar scans on the tape allow registers equipped with this technology to scan the tape for the cost per-pound. This eliminates any confusion at the register as to whether they are organic or conventional bananas, and streamlines the process of checkout. It also allows for tracking of the source of the bananas, which gives a comfort level to our retailers.”

The DataBar technology also encourages the sale of hands containing four to six bananas instead of shoppers picking individual bananas from displays, Velazquez de Leon said.

Organics Unlimited imports and distributes Mexican and South American organic tropical fruit.