Avocados from Mexico has a promotion with Major League Baseball to coincide with playoffs.

The program, dubbed Avocado All-Stars, began Oct. 1. It includes television, print and digital advertising, in-store signage and is expected to generate more than 236 million impressions by the end of the month, according to a news release.

That’s about 25% of the impressions projected for the Avocados from Mexico annual paid advertising plan.

The promotion aims to show how the fruit can be used in game-day snacks, including guacamole and other avocado dishes, as an alternative to mayonnaise.

The campaign includes:

  • national television advertising during baseball playoff coverage on TBS, with 45 placements planned that are expected to net more than 100 million household impressions;
  • print advertising in People and Entertainment Weekly including placement in People’s Best Dressed issue;
  • a sweepstakes with a chance for two participants to each win a $5,000 grocery gift card;
  • a web page with social media integration;
  • retail displays and promotion; and
  • digital, social media and public relations efforts.

Four television commercials showcase the avocados and announce the sweepstakes.

Recipes on the website include Rockin’ Guac with Ro*Tel; avocado hot dogs; avocado slaw; and bacon, lettuce and avocado. A coupon for a free can of Ro*Tel is available with the purchase of three avocados from Mexico.

The retail program offers $98,000 in incentives for produce personnel. In-store signage promoting the campaign, including secondary display bins and point-of-sale materials, are available nationwide.

In-store radio is expected to tout the promotion in more than 9,900 locations.

Later on, Avocados from Mexico plans a Feliz Navidad in-store promotion and a program aligning with the winter football season.