CHARLEVOIX, QUEBEC — A website even 2 years old is like an old house that’s never repaired or painted, social media marketing expert Luc Dupont told Quebec Produce Marketing Association conference attendees.

Be social media savvy It’s time to create a new photo, revamp your site and post on Facebook every week, said Dupont, author and communications professor at the University of Ottawa.

“If you want people to talk about you, you have to be on social media,” he said.

He urged delegates to make the Internet their top marketing tool, and shared practical tips on how to attract Google’s attention.

Since nine out of 10 people only go to the first page that shows up on Google, your ranking on the search engine determines your success, he said.

Some of Dupont's tips for an effective social media presence:

  • Choose social media platforms depending on the audience.
  • Create a tagline. Place it at the top of the website.
  • Purchase a dot-quebec domain name.
  • Emphasize key words: If you sell strawberries, repeat it often.
  • Place YouTube videos on your site.
  • Share fruit and vegetable photos on Flickr and Pinterest.
  • Don’t start a blog unless you plan to update it often.
  • Be accessible to your customers all the time on social media.