Braga Fresh, food expert promote Josie’s OrganicsBraga Fresh Family Farms plans to expand its partnership with food and lifestyle expert Chadwick Boyd to promote Josie’s Organics brand.

Boyd has been on CBS, Fox, NBC, Lifetime and other networks, and is a food television contributor to Better Homes and Gardens. Rod Braga, chief executive officer of Soledad, Calif.-based Braga Fresh Family Farms, appeared with Boyd on Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act” in June.

Boyd also created 10 recipes for the summer rollout of the Josie’s Organics website. The label is named for Braga’s grandmother.

“Since we launched the Josie’s Organics brand, people have been asking ‘Who is Josie?’ and with helpful tips and modern, new recipes inspired by some of my grandmother’s favorites from when I was a young boy, Chadwick is helping us answer that question,” Braga said in a news release.

The brand also has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube pages and channels. Nutrition tips and information plus photos and links to blog posts are included.

Josie’s Organics items include romaine hearts and other lettuces, kale and chard, broccoli, sweet baby broccoli, celery, beets, radishes and herbs. They’re available at Whole Foods, Kroger stores, H.E.B., Central Market, and other U.S. and Canadian grocers.