Brooks Tropicals LLC is now marketing dragon fruit.

Brooks adds dragon fruit to its tropicals stableIn June, the Homestead, Fla.-based grower-shipper began shipping the wild-looking, low-calorie fruit from south Florida growers.

Popular with Asian and Latino consumers as well as with health-conscious shoppers, dragon fruit weigh one-half to 2-pounds, according to a news release.

Brooks ships the fruit in 20-pound boxes containing 15- to 40-count small, medium, large and jumbo sizes, according to the release. The fruit has a shelf life or more than 10 days.

The company describes the flavor as a cross between a kiwi and a pear. The bright red skin with leathery, greenish-yellow shoots opens to a creamy white inside dotted with black seeds, according to the release.

Dragon fruit season ends in December.