The recall was expanded Aug. 2 to include more than 188,000 cantaloupe. For additional details please see: FDA finds unsanitary conditions at Burch Farms packing shed.

UPDATED: FDA warns of listeria threat in Burch Farms cantaloupe(UPDATED COVERAGE, July 31) The Food and Drug Administration issued a public warning against eating cantaloupe from Burch Farms, Faison, N.C. The grower voluntarily recalled 580 cases of whole Athena cantaloupe because of possible listeria contamination.

The farm issued the recall through the Food and Drug Administration July 28. No illnesses have been reported. Listeria was found during a random test sample, according to the recall notice.

FDA issued the public warning at about 6 p.m. EDT July 30, warning retailers that the cantaloupe was packed in sweet potato cartons.

"Cantaloupes from the North Carolina firm tested positive for (listeria) following sampling carried out in New York, as part of sampling conducted through the USDA Microbiological Data Program," the FDA warning states.

The FDA warning also states that although the cantaloupes were initially sent only to New York and Maine, it is "likely that the melons were distributed in other states."

A woman answering the phone at Burch Farms July 30 said no additional details were available other than those in the FDA recall notice. She said it was not known where the sample was taken.

According to the recall notice, Burch shipped the cantaloupe July 15 and distributed to retail stores in the Northeast U.S. The whole cantaloupes have oval-shaped red labels with the words “Burch Farms” and product lookup codes of 4319.

Hannaford Supermarkets, Scarborough, Maine, issued a separate recall notice for the Burch Farms melons for its customers. The chain has 181 stores in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.